Geek dreams do come true….

So as some out there in the geeky con world may know Wizard World will put out a call for volunteer photographers for upcoming conventions.This lady geek right here totally put in for the Minnesota comic con coming up not this weekend, but next weekend and I was selected ^_^ I don’t know how many people actually volunteered, but I’m super stoked! Can’t wait to be out there checking out the convention and taking photographs of a lot of really cool people! This is a great opportunity and I can’t wait to see all you fellow geeks and cos-players out there! I’m ready to have some fun and rock and roll with my camera out ^_^  Ladies and gentle geeks get your geek on!



4 thoughts on “Geek dreams do come true….

      1. Rightfully so! Besides it being an amazing event how amazing to get to be one of the photographers. I hope you post some of your pictures.

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