Time for some SHOUT OUTS!

Ok so I posted the images I shot at Wizard World Minneapolis (as a volunteer). Now it is time for some shout outs to the cool folks I met at the convention. Some of these were vendors others were cosplayers. There was so many others out there that I wish I had grabbed cards from so that I could mention them, but unfortunately I was too focused on taking photos that I didn’t grab very many business cards 😦

First I will start off with the lovely two cosplayers that have their own webisodes coming soon. They both were really neat folk who made the majority of their costumes. Check out Endlands Online!


There was this lovely girl who was really adorable with all her lovely dragons! Check out Rocky Mountain Dragons!

IMG_3700IMG_3698  IMG_3701 IMG_4111 IMG_4112

Then there was this lovely lade who made some pretty neat jewelry over at Asunder Art!

IMG_3765 IMG_3766 IMG_3950

There was the lovely Shadia who makes custom leather pieces that are just absolutely gorgeous! I took several shots of her stuff. Check our her page at Artemis Leathers!

IMG_3717 IMG_3720 IMG_3718 IMG_3719 IMG_3713

The really interesting fellow Matt who came from a far different background then me, but is still a fellow black sheep (black sheep UNITE!)! Check out his stuff at Pixel Meltdown Designs!

IMG_3751 IMG_3752 IMG_3753 IMG_3754

The really cool Tattoo artists I met at the show that were set-up across from the meet-and-greet areas for the stars that were at the Comic Con. Check out 4 Points Body Gallery (if your in the Minnesota area or even if your not)!

IMG_3755 IMG_3756

I chatted with a couple artists from Chicago for a while. They both do some great work 🙂 Check out Caleb King and Andrew Day

 IMG_3789 IMG_3792

There was also the lovely Carla Wyzgala whom I just loved all of her art. Can I bring it all home? If I could I would. Please check her out at Carlations!

IMG_3760 IMG_3761

Last but not least you guys have to check out this new APP CONtv! It is free and works like Netflix or Hulu where they have old geeky content (including Con panels you may have missed) as well as original shows for their channel. If your into Anime, Horror, B-Movies, etc you should really check this out 🙂 Available on Roku, iOS and Android. Text CONTV to 84700 to Download the App and receive alerts 🙂

IMG_3943 IMG_4033


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