No Spoilers!

Just finished watching Season 4 of Once Upon a Time and I’m quite surprised by the ending. They keep coming up with new twists to this show and I really shouldn’t expect anything less from the guys who brought us Lost. I don’t know if they will get 6 seasons out of this show, but maybe? If they do I hope they end it just a little bit better than Lost. The ending wasn’t terrible, but open ended had never been my favorite. What do you guys think?


13 thoughts on “No Spoilers!

    1. Personally I loved it, but I’m just along for the ride I have no expectations for the show. Others who have find themselves disappointed.

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      1. I think you’ve got the right idea – if you’re looking for a lot of logic this may not be your show. I’ve gone hot and cold on different plot threads. Watch and see what you enjoy.

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    1. I love the show too much I guess. I know others are disappointed but I also don’t have any expectations when I watch. Just there to see what happens next 😋

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  1. Really love ouat. Definitely my second favorite show of all time. Behind Lost. But there are things I dislike about it. I cannot stand Emma&Hook I was team Baelfire always and was so pissed when he got killed off. Omg. I flipped!! I have noticed they script is getting less interesting. I found bringing Ursula and Cruella on the show kind of was a bad move, 3 villains at once? Idk it just wasn’t that suspenseful for me. I didn’t care about their characters at all. I really live Maleficent though. She was a badass. I hope she is in the new season, even for a little bit. Also where is Ruby!? Is she ever coming back!? Right!? Lol

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    1. I agree I was not happy that they killed off Baelfire. They find their drama in this show from things going wrong. Maleficent is an interesting character but I don’t know if they will continue making her interesting or ruin her character. I had totally forgot about Ruby! Who knows I didn’t think they were ever going to bring August back. Yet they did. I was sad when he was turned back into a boy. They tend to be just as crafty with this show as they were with Lost.

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  2. My wife and I love this show. We look forward to it all weekend. I was pleased with the end because they’re getting back to telling stories organically again instead of “Here’s another new Disney character we can introduce.” Which is quickly followed by “Uh oh. Another curse. Well there goes our memories again!” Seriously, quit it with the memory thing… Anyway, post Queens of Darkness or whatever, I liked how it all ended.


    1. Agreed! It was an interesting twist to “the Hero” part of the story. The memory on and off again is no surprise as they seem to be following a similar plot structure like they had with “Lost”.


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