What if we could…

Oh the very word “if” has inspired many a person to create! That is a main driver when I’m creating…what if I COULD do it 🙂 Of course it is also the main driver in creating trouble with some people (myself not excluded). I’ve been out sick from an infection that I won’t get into details, but I’ve been laid up on my couch the past couple days watching Orphan Black (only 3 episodes left of Season 2) and I am totally hooked! This show is amazing! This actress is amazing! I knew I’d love it from when I first seen the preview for it years ago when it was coming out. Just finally getting around to it. OMG! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! Of course I don’t know what I will do about Season 3 since its not free…yet. If you haven’t watched this show yet you should!



4 thoughts on “What if we could…

  1. Orphan Black is a show I will haft to suck up and just buy it on DVD because I dont know when it will come to Netflix. Yeah I heard it’s pretty damn good and I love me some good Sci-Fi series

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