Dreams have so many purposes…

So I had this profound dream last night. Oh btw a little back story here…I’m a very big believer and lover of the world of dreaming. Granted I have a very detailed and in depth dream life that I know not everyone has (and sometimes gets annoyed with me sharing). For me I truly believe our dreams are a gateway to our subconscious that leads us to self realizations or gets us through whatever our conscious mind is working through at the time. Sort of a “sin eater” or “shaman” of the brain. That being said…I had this profound dream last night.

Something that has been plainly visible to me since I was a child is that I am a writer, teller of stories, a bard (if you will it). Though I’ve never finished anything more then a short story or poem I’ve started many a novel some never to be completed. Others that are just swimming in the background of my imagination till their ready to resurface. I’m a creative person, a dreamer and as a result I have many artistic passions and interests that I am always dabbling in or trying out. Usually with a full on gusto and immersion that borders on obsession that eventually leads me to burn out and I take a break to try something else out before returning. There are only a few things that I always return back to (or always are a part of) which is photography, sewing and writing. So again I had this profound dream last night.

In my dream I was confronted by my partner (not my RL partner just more of an image of a partner most likely myself) who had some sort of paper from a class I was taking or report on some work I was doing (can’t remember exactly). In either case they said to me “I just want you to know that you’ve done it! You can quit your job! I realize this is what your good at and what you need to be doing. Your a writer!” (I’m paraphrasing as I don’t remember the exact words now) In my dream I was very shocked at this response and felt as if a huge weight was lifted and my soul had reached a new level of happiness and fulfillment. It is always hard to wake up from those dreams, but I believe there is a very important message to be taken from it. It was a bit of a subconscious push if you will. Why am I not hardcore pursuing what it is I am meant to be doing? Fear of rejection? Maybe. Definitely need to keep up on myself and my writing. I’ve clearly let things get in my way, most importantly I’ve let myself get in my own way.

Here is a short story that I wrote after a friend posted a challenge to write a short story in a few days. I called it “The Hunt“.


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