Streaming maybe?

So I love online gaming and as it turns out it is fast becoming a professional gig, for some. Would I love to join them? Yes of course! Who wouldn’t want to get paid to play video games everyday? My online gaming began with the open beta for Star Wars Galaxies and then I was in the beta for Lineage and after that WoW which I’ve been playing on and off since 2004. Currently in love with Minecraft and Hearthstone πŸ˜‹

 Unfortunately I don’t have the funds to buy a computer that would allow me to do that (even a cheap version to get me started) and my credit is crap so I can’t get funding. So that leaves me looking at other options like one of the many crowd funding sites…but which is the right one? Any advice is helpful! My goal is to be a fun player who just is out to make people smile and laugh. I want to have fun and entertain. I know some people think that some of the girl streamers out there have “sold out” our sex, but I’m not interested in all of that nonsense. 


See Im fun!


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