Games, games, games

There are so many games coming out or that are currently out that I am wanting to play! Here is a brief list:

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Star Wars: Battlefront

Assassin’s Creed: Victory

Disney Infinity 3.0

Fallout 4

Shadow of Mordor

Ok this list could go on forever, but most of all I am excited about Lego Dimensions. Ironically I never was all that interested in the Lego games, but I do have a son (who will be 7 next month) that is starting to enjoy gaming and then here comes another awesome game! I’m loving that you still build the Lego characters/vehicles and then play them in the game. But most of all I’m loving the variety of characters/genres that you get to play. The biggest ones that really have me hot to play this game (and spend all my hard earned $$$) is the Portal and Doctor Who characters. Who else is excited about this?


18 thoughts on “Games, games, games

  1. Wow! I was just thinking about how cool LEGO Portal would be. This looks even better. I’m waiting in eager anticipation for The Legend of Zelda Wii U, and the new Metroid games (not Federation Force). Battlefront is going to be a major step down from Battlefront II, though, which is why I think it’s going to be terrible.

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    1. Battlefront will be fun to play till the novelty runs out. It’s not like there isn’t a plethora of awesome games out there to play 😉


    1. I know right!? Apparently to start the Doctor Who play level will just come with the 12th Doctor, K-9, the Tardis (of course) and a Victorian London adventure. But hopefully they will release some other doctors and companions after initial release!


  2. I fangirled when I heard GLaDOS. I am extremely excited for both the Lego and Battlefront titles coming out! I had no idea Portal was going to be featured! That is just…beyond awesome. I have to say though that I’m most excited for Halo 5. I’ve been a Halo fan since the first, and now that they’re finally bringing in Spartans featured in the novels…oh goodness, fall 2015 is going to be a good time for gamers and sci-fi people alike.

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  3. I love that I can look at that list of games and actually know each one, despite not having gotten to play most of them yet (XD all good picks; ABSOLUTELY when it comes to the addition of the Doc. Who and Portal, and the Lego game in general looks great: your son will likely love it, and I hope you get the chance to enjoy it with him too! 🙂

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