Counting my nerd blessings

As I interact and get to know my fellow nerd/geek bloggers out there it becomes apparent to me just how lucky I had it growing  up. My parents weren’t perfect, but they did the best they could raising 3 girls while still in college.

My dad ran a small town video store for 13 years and through his business I was able to experience a lot of things I may never have otherwise. Living in a small town there isn’t much to do. The nearest bustling city was about 45 min away and because of my dads business we would go to that city every weekend. We would go out to eat and then go see a movie and after sometimes we would go to Barnes and Noble and I’d get lost in the books and music. Sometimes we’d also visit various comic book stores.

My dad carried card games and comic books in his store. Through this he made friends with a young group of geeks just slightly older  then me who would come over to play D&D and play video games. When I worked for my dad I got paid in comics for the majority of my 5 years working there. 

My dads side of the family were huge Trekkies and when I became obsessed with Star Wars in my youth they would gift me with SW stuff every Christmas and on my Birthdays! My granny even took my siblings, cousins and I to see the Star Wars movies when they were digitally remastered and released into the theaters. My family even stood in line with me for the midnight showing of The Phantom Menace. But most of all they loved me for the weirdo that I am and I’m forever grateful for that.


5 thoughts on “Counting my nerd blessings

  1. Great blog you’ve got here. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, Comic Books and many other geeky things. Cool that your family was into who you really are. This is a great time to be a geek. Can’t wait til Dec. 18th and The Force Awakens. Can not wait!

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  2. My mom, brother and I were huge nerds and would stand in those same lines. My Dad wasn’t a nerd but he was nice enough to go with us and not make fun of us for it. I still feel guilty having made him stand in line for the Star Wars a Episode 1.

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