My kind of gaming

Growing up I was raised on console games. There was a computer in our house from when I was 11 years old (22 years ago yikes), but there wasn’t much in the way of games for computers back then. For years I was a into playing video games, but only on a console. Then Star Wars Galaxies came out and I was in love with this idea of playing online with other people! At first online gaming was a little clunky for me at first it definitely took some adjustment to using a keyboard to play games. I burned myself out a bit on Galaxies and tried out beta’s of Lineage 2 and World of Warcraft, but ultimately was just done gaming in general for a little while.

Once my son was born in 2008 I really started gaming again and let me tell you I frustrated my boyfriend a lot with how I game. I tend to get super frustrated when I die in a game and as a result frustrating him (sorry hun). We played WoW together for a few years and then I stopped playing (taking another break) and then he started Minecraft which I had no interest in. The survival game where when you die you start over from scratch. That seemed like a big fat no for me. Then we started watching Yogscast (which we love these guys) I started to find myself wanting to play. Minecraft took some getting used to, but I got past my frustration with dying (because you have to) and now I love it!

We’ve dabbled a bit in Tekkit and I hope to get into it more once I start streaming. I even came back to playing WoW. Right now I am on break from WoW because of $$$ and the fact I need a new computer. But I’m definitely an adventure gamer. 1st person shooter games are ok, but they don’t thrill me too much. I need creativity and freedom. What kind of gamer are you guys? What do you prefer console or PC?



10 thoughts on “My kind of gaming

  1. I never had a console and only used some old ones when playing at friends’ places when growing up. I’ve been a PC gamer all my life. I mostly enjoy RPG games (Dragon Age, Mass Effect for example), some point and click (Syberia, Dreamfall Chapters) and hack’n’slash (Torchlight). I never got into MMORPG (even WoW) until SWTOR. I recently got a new computer and was able to jump back into the game. I love it to pieces and enjoy playing all classes.

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  2. Definitely console games. I began with the NES and have preferred console ever since. We got our first home computer in 1992 but most of the games I had for it were point and click snore fests so I never considered the PC a viable gaming platform as a child. I did have a brief flirtation with console gaming in the early 2000’s but I’m the kind of guy who likes to go back and play older titles from time to time. It’s much more convenient to do this on dedicated hardware. I now keep a backlog of old PC’s in the house just to play vintage games on as well, but console will always be king in my opinion.

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    1. I’ve gone back and played old NES games as well. I forgot how hard the Star Wars games were! There were some games we played on the PC (like Dino Park and such), but I agree that the games back then weren’t anything compared to what you could play on a console. Much to my partners chagrin I am addicted to my computer. We do own a Wii U only because of my son. I had an XBOX 360 that I sold back in like 2011 to a family friend. Just couldn’t justify owning something like that when all we used it for was as a DVD player (I know its sad).


  3. Console, now. I grew up on PC games, but remember the constant struggle to keep it new enough to handle the newest games. Too much money to buy a computer every year, and there’d always be something I thought should work that ended up being unplayable. Consoles take away the hardware headaches for me, and the universal controls make them easy to pick up and play immediately. Though there are still some old school PC games that just weren’t the same on console, like Sid Meier’s Civilization.

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    1. There is definitely less expense when you stick to console gaming that is for sure. My habits are usually expensive though. Console gaming has also come a long way with their graphics as well.

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