Sky Captain Madame Mayhem

So I’ve been in love with steampunk for many many years. I think it secretly started with the movie Secret of Nihm (if you haven’t seen it watch it) though it’s technically not a steampunk movie I think it definitely reminds me of the genre. The rats are amazing and I love that movie!

To get to my point I’ve desired to cosplay the steampunk genre for years and I’ve finally got the skills, know-how and materials to make it happen. There is an upcoming event I will be attending and this is my plans that will soon be created within the next couple weeks:

The Aviators Cap (+sweet pipe score)
The underbust top (undershirt will be store bought) including the neat antique shop score to be pinned to the top!
The Dragonfly Weaponized Backpack (I forgot to by the material for the wings, but I’ll go back and pick something up likely iridescent and perfect).
Gun (x2) attachment to the backpack

There are a bunch of embellishments and findings that are being used in this project that are on their way to me as we speak. I’m hoping that I’m not taking on too big a project, but I do work quickly. The guns worry me the most…I still have to go to Lowes and buy the rest of the materials for that.

Once everything is finished we will have Sky Captain Madham Mayhem the fiercest captain of the good ship Sea Hawk 😍


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