Human pin cushion…

This is a very short update. I’ve come to the point in my project where I realize I need a dress form and I do not own one nor do I know of a locaL store that carries them…


I probably know a few locals who’d lend me theirs but…crap I should have thought of this sooner. It’s really hard to pin things on yourself by the way…😭 


5 thoughts on “Human pin cushion…

  1. Perhaps this could help a bit: I’m making a dress form out of duct tape today and there are many tutorials on youtube. It is quite fast, reliable and it will measure exactly your shape. I was going to do a tutorial soon about it since it is such a good DIY idea. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!

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  2. Another vote for the duct tape dress form. You put on an old tshirt and get a friend to cocoon you in duct tape before slitting it up the back so you can take it off. The best part is that it will be exactly the same shape and size as you.

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  3. I feel your pain! I work without dress forms as well. Usually I get away with it but other times I just make a temporary partial form depending on a body part I will be shaping around (like a shoulder for pauldrons). Your stuff looks amazing though!! Wish you luck!

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    1. Thank you I will have to check that out! I’m at crunch time so I’m just going to have to make due without any dressform (even a DIY one), but I need one for future projects for sure!


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