9 days and counting

There is no words (except for maybe these) for the buzzy excitement I feel right now leading up to the new Star Wars film. But it feels weird because unlike in the past I have kept myself really in the dark about what the movie is about and any leading details that will build up expectations for this movie. When the last 3 films were coming out I dove in head first and got all the inside details, but ended up being kind of disappointed when I saw Star Wars Episode 1. There was something missing and as it was discussed further throughout the years it was clear that part of it was the overuse of graphic effects as well as George Lucas’ confidence in the Star Wars universe. He expected the original 3 to carry over into the prequels and it just didn’t pan out.


After watching J.J. Abrams revamp of the Star Trek universe I really was impressed and to learn he was taking on Star Wars had me pretty stoked. Add in that he has kept things pretty well undercover was an even bigger brownie point. I don’t know what to expect and it is scarily awesome! My disappointment that he wasn’t delving into the available extended universe aside I truly am looking forward to what I hope will be the equivalent to my 7 year old son what Episode 4 was to me. It will be very hard not to continually watch his face as we watch the new movie together.


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