I can internetz…

Yet another long break from posting anything new and updated. Still working on getting my computer upgraded enough to stream on Twitch, but I’m getting there. Sooner then later in an indirect way. Just came across this game Child of Light on Steam that is gorgeous and very Final Fantasy in the game style, but other than that is just a masterpiece of art. The puzzles aren’t so difficult that you have to look up a walk-through online, but not so easy that your bored after a while. The musical score mixed with the interesting dialogue and plot are really interesting. I’m hoping to stream this game very soon. If you haven’t heard of it you should check it out! I bought it for only $3.74 during the Steam sale, but regular price is only $14.99 so still a good deal and worth the play 🙂 >>Child of Light<< Stay tuned I will be posting more!  



2 thoughts on “I can internetz…

  1. I LOVED this game. I played and reviewed it a while back and still think about it. The trailer for it gave me chills and, I knew I’d have to check it out. The soundtrack is fantastic; I have quite a few of them on several playlists, one of which I use for writing. If you decide to stream it, I would definitely watch! I went hunting for a decent Let’s Play of it a while back, but couldn’t really find a complete one to my liking. Definitely up there with my favorite games. I loved the Final Fantasy-esque aspects, too, of course, but I think the battle engine is the same as Grandia II, another game I really need to replay.

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