Deadpool it is!

So I’m not new to Deadpool, but I’ve never read it consecutively. I always read whatever my dad had lying around his office and whatever I choose to order that I thought would appeal to me. For those that don’t know, my dad owned a video store and he sold comics there so we always got the monthly Diamond catalogue (and it was precious to me) in which I would select my compensation for working for him at the store. Little did I know I was wracking up $1000 a month in purchases, but that is besides the point and I’m getting off track. 

So my significant other ordered these a while back to re-read and I’m just finally reading them now. Point being…I love Deadpool! Such an easy and fun read! Deadpool…he gets me. Someday when my son is old enough he will get to enjoy him too 😍



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