So ends another Wizard World Con

The last day of the convention is a little sad for me. Not as many people show up, even less dress up and you can see the exhaustion and “zero fucks given” looks on the artists and vendors faces. Most people are either there for the celebrities or hoping to hit up some last minute shopping when the crowds aren’t as big. 

The lead up to con is always nerve wracking for me and anxiety filled and once I’m there it is Cloud 9. Of course decompressing the following week involves being totally lazy and possibly sick (whether it is with con flu or something of the like). I deliberate on whether I am willing to do it again and the answer is always yes. 

My hope is to get out to other local cons in the next year and see the way others do it. Whether it’s as a photographer or just an attendee. I just love connecting with people and seeing the beautiful things they create! My photos from today were very few. Not a lot left to photograph. Feel free to go to my >>Flickr<< and check them out! 

Here is a few of my favorites:



3 thoughts on “So ends another Wizard World Con

  1. I’m glad you had fun overall! I definitely agree on the final day of a con though. Most of the time these days I just pack up my stuff, get my shopping done, and leave early to avoid rush hour traffic. Your photos are beautiful ^^

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