Madly geeky about so many things! Whether it be video games, online gaming (omg minecraft!), comics, role playing, movies, music, art, etc. this is my place to share the current geeky things going on with me. 


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      1. It certainly is. I was very blessed. We owned every video game system. My father had a video store so we saw a lot of movies and there was never a shortage of comics or D&D in our home.

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      2. Man, that sounds like Heaven, When I was younger I was into videogames, and anime and still am. However, when I got older I added Superheroes into my hobbies as well, and I’m a big fan of JRPG’S. Which I thought was a dying Genre, but since the Square Enix Conference in E3 it seems like there trying to change that.

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      3. I actually went to my first comic con with my dad in 2000? 2001? My parents went to conventions though when I was just a kid. My mom even got kissed by Scotty!

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      4. Good choices…Good choices. In marvel I like War Machine, Iron Man, Wolfsbane, The Ben Reiley Scarlet spider, and my all time favorite is Eddie Brock’s Venom. In DC I’m a big Harely Quinn and Joker fan and I like Static Shock, and Tim Drake’s Robin.

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to say I really like your blog, and thanks for viewing mine! Reading through some of your posts just reminded me to love my inner nerd. Having a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog and also loving computer games (computer science degree) or math (I’m a statistician lol) makes me feel like a contradiction sometimes. Thank you for the unexpected self-confidence boost!

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