Deadpool it is!

So I’m not new to Deadpool, but I’ve never read it consecutively. I always read whatever my dad had lying around his office and whatever I choose to order that I thought would appeal to me. For those that don’t know, my dad owned a video store and he sold comics there so we always got the monthly Diamond catalogue (and it was precious to me) in which I would select my compensation for working for him at the store. Little did I know I was wracking up $1000 a month in purchases, but that is besides the point and I’m getting off track. 

So my significant other ordered these a while back to re-read and I’m just finally reading them now. Point being…I love Deadpool! Such an easy and fun read! Deadpool…he gets me. Someday when my son is old enough he will get to enjoy him too 😍



I can internetz…

Yet another long break from posting anything new and updated. Still working on getting my computer upgraded enough to stream on Twitch, but I’m getting there. Sooner then later in an indirect way. Just came across this game Child of Light on Steam that is gorgeous and very Final Fantasy in the game style, but other than that is just a masterpiece of art. The puzzles aren’t so difficult that you have to look up a walk-through online, but not so easy that your bored after a while. The musical score mixed with the interesting dialogue and plot are really interesting. I’m hoping to stream this game very soon. If you haven’t heard of it you should check it out! I bought it for only $3.74 during the Steam sale, but regular price is only $14.99 so still a good deal and worth the play 🙂 >>Child of Light<< Stay tuned I will be posting more!  


When you upgrade…

So I’ve recently graduated to two monitors and I guess I never looked at my blog page on my desktop (always on the laptop) and it has become obvious how lacking I am in a proper background for this blog. So of course my partner suggests that I should make my own. 2 and a half hours later it isn’t done, but its started. I’ll share part of screen shot just for a teaser. It is going to hopefully be awesome when it is done…hopefully.

1/6 of what is being done for the background

9 days and counting

There is no words (except for maybe these) for the buzzy excitement I feel right now leading up to the new Star Wars film. But it feels weird because unlike in the past I have kept myself really in the dark about what the movie is about and any leading details that will build up expectations for this movie. When the last 3 films were coming out I dove in head first and got all the inside details, but ended up being kind of disappointed when I saw Star Wars Episode 1. There was something missing and as it was discussed further throughout the years it was clear that part of it was the overuse of graphic effects as well as George Lucas’ confidence in the Star Wars universe. He expected the original 3 to carry over into the prequels and it just didn’t pan out.


After watching J.J. Abrams revamp of the Star Trek universe I really was impressed and to learn he was taking on Star Wars had me pretty stoked. Add in that he has kept things pretty well undercover was an even bigger brownie point. I don’t know what to expect and it is scarily awesome! My disappointment that he wasn’t delving into the available extended universe aside I truly am looking forward to what I hope will be the equivalent to my 7 year old son what Episode 4 was to me. It will be very hard not to continually watch his face as we watch the new movie together.

Teslacon 6

The Wild Wild West is almost here! 3 days of mischief, mayhem and malarkey! Can’t wait! Although I’m not fully ready! I’m a noob and totally diving in head first! I’ve got almost everything done. Will finish up tonight and then head up to check into my hotel! Sadly my partner is staying home since our dog sitter fell through (can’t help the dog is in heat these things happen). But I’ll be amongst friends and fellow weirdos!  


The nearly finished dress for Saturday.

Long story made short…

Summer got overly busy with my son home more often and plenty of activities to devote my time to so I took a minor break from the internet for a few months. But I’m back! With great news! Let’s start with my tickets for opening night of Star Wars: Force Awakens are secured as well is an early showing that Saturday to take my son to see it. 

Secondly Bambi’s mom threw herself in front of my vehicle as a sacrifice to help me save money by no longer having a car payment! I’m now for the next 6-12 months driving my partners Ford pickup. I feel pretty stoked about that. Both the truck and the money saving!


Car cost more to fix then it was worth! Thanks Progressive!
Thirdly I’ve been seriously been itching to game again and stream ta boot!! Seeing Simon return to Yogscast was awesome and now everyone I know is streaming it’s killing me! So maybe I’ll be able to get a better computer soon? 

Last but not least during my social media hiatus I found myself majorly catching up on web comics and finding new addictions! I forgot all about my first intro to steampunk through Girl Genius and I’m finally caught up! Hive Works rocks! My new addiction/love is Stand Still * Stay Silent that is a post apocalyptic awesomeness that has me enthralled! You guys have to check them out! I’ve become addicted to a lot of web comics that I keep up with (Love Not FoundtheEnd, Namesake, The Glass Scientists, Metacarpolis, Wilde Life, Alice and the Nightmare, Lost Nightmare, Sister Claire, Prague Race and Heart Shaped Skull to name some of my faves!!) There is so much more, but I’ll let you choose your own adventure 😝


Had a terrific time at the Bristol Renaissance Faire yesterday! Such a large turn out for the costume contest (and the faire) the costumes were amazing and I truly was not any competition in comparison to some of the amazing pieces of art I saw yesterday, but I had a great time and enjoyed seeing all that lovely work people made! Definitely going to step up my game ^_^  

posing before I left
I have arrived…finally
One of my favs that also won best couple
These wings were pretty cool